Saturday, November 3, 2007

Musharraf declares Martial Law

So, it had to happen - it was just a matter of time before Pervez Mussharraf proved that he is desparate to cling on to every conceivable means to remain in power. The Supreme Court ruling on the constitutional validity of his last month's clearly contrived elections was due to come up and probably go against his favor.
Benazir Bhutto too left the country in a hurry and has come back again after hearing the news of the clamping down of emergency!
Musharraf defends his action of declaring emergency rule by saying that he could not allow the country to commit suicide with the spreading of lawlessness.Sure,Pakistan has been lawless from its inception 60 years back and more so in the recent past. No surprises there! The country and its various leaders have been duplicitous and Musharraf is cut from the same cloth. What a pitiable state of affairs!


NeoAuteur said...

I'm keeping a close eye on the situation in Pakistan too. It's a pitiable state of affairs indeed.

Eternalsoul said...

My guess is Musharraf's exit is not too far away.