Wednesday, May 9, 2007

New Gen replacements for batteries?

A viable alternative is being made available for our traditional batteries which have never progressed beyond the basic protoype developed during the 19th century. This new technology called Ultracapacitor can replace all our electrochemical batteries and is known to outperform even the lithium-ion batteries which are in use today at half the cost and charge time.
Capacitors store energy as an electric field between two conductors and provide quick and massive bursts of instant energy when voltage is applied to it, in endless cycles,unlike traditional batteries which generate energy by means of chemical reaction.
A Texas startup called EEStor claim that their battery-ultracapacitors will replace electrochemical battery in most devices like hybrid electric cars, laptops and cell phones. They will definitely be one of the things we require for reducing our energy consumption and carbon emissions from fossil fuel operated vehicles.

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