Tuesday, May 29, 2007


These mean machines called Superbikes are a little different from regular motor bikes. Superbikes have a bigger engine, more valves and more power output.Superbikes usually have V-twin engines or inline 4 engines.They employ a lot of aerodynamics , stability and handling which increases its speed and capacity.They are not just normal bikes with bigger engines but the chassis is tuned and hardened to withstand that power and for greater stability as they drive a higher speed.Needless to add that they have altogether different dynamics and suspensions.

Superbike racing is a category of motorcycle racing that employs modified production motorcycles. Many countries such as the US,Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom operate national superbike championships. A World Superbike championship has run since 1988.

The Superbike category is highly popular with manufacturers. Because the race bikes are built from production road bikes, the marketing value of a Superbike victory is significant.

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