Friday, November 16, 2007

Taser death

Cops in the North American continent routinely taser people for subduing them momentarily. Though tasers, usually, are not lethal, they can cause derivative deaths due to certain frailities in the humans involved. After all, 50000 volts of electricity being zapped on one's person is not a small jolt.

In the video shown below,Canadian mounties taser an agitated international passenger who arrived at Vancouver airport who died minutes after that.Hm,this is defenitely overkill.

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Rebecca said...

Amnesty International cites over 300 deaths due to tasering since 2001! I feel that is a staggering statistic, and most of these deaths were due to repeated tasering in an occurrence. They keep trying to cover these deaths up by siting other alleged medical conditions. In AZ they said that the man had a build-up of placgue in his heart muscle any way. What crap!