Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Coming to restrooms near you - Foot baths!

Pacifism is the new mantra. And Dhimmitude is gaining in popularity. Even the esteemed New York University seems to be bowing down to obscurantist Islamic rituals providing for footbaths for its Moslem students. What next!? Halal meat, maybe!

NYU is looking to install foot baths for ritualistic cleansing in a new Islamic center proposed for its more-than-1,500 Muslim students
In a bathroom there by the Muslim prayer room - as well as in more-visible university bathrooms - Muslim students wash before each of five daily prayers, a task they precariously conclude by rinsing their feet in hip-high sinks.
Although students haven't been clamoring for foot baths, according to leaders and members of NYU's Muslim community, they would prefer them to standard sinks where washing leads to wet floors, dirty conditions and, at times, uncomfortable moments.

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