Thursday, October 4, 2007

Gullible Britons

Britishers continue to be conned by the wily Nigerians.Fraudsters in Nigeria rake in £3.5 billion a year from the UK by email scams and letters and phonecalls.

Nigeria has become synonymous with corruption, where it is a way of life.

"Here you pay for everything but the view," a Nigerian told a visitor to Abuja, the country's new capital.

Around the city and other urban centres, policemen run "mobile courts", running purges against offences that are unpredictable - one day "illegal" windscreen wipers, another "illegal" bumpers, the next "illegal" tyres. The only thing to do is to pay the required bribe and gain the greeting: "You are free to go. The court is over."

With this much of easy money pouring in,those crooks will never stop,for sure.


NeoAuteur said...

Who would have thought Nigerians of all people are so good at this?

Eternalsoul said...

They seem to be particularly good at this unlike other Africans. Not able to figure out why.