Sunday, October 7, 2007

Eccentric Kim Jong Il

Kim Jong Il, the eccentric North Korean ruler is a closet film buff. He reportedly, kidnapped a film director and his actress wife to help him produce movies!

Reportedly, it is a crime to import movies from democratic South Korea into communist North Korea. And a routine tactic used by the North Korean police to monitor the illegal viewership of such movies is to cut the electricity to apartment blocks before a raid and then go to each home to check what is on video tapes or DVDs that have become stuck inside players.This rule however, does not apply to Kim who is known to own around 15000 film dvds!

North Korea is one of the most closed nations of the world and totalitarian in the extreme tightly controlling outside information and tolerating no dissent. Internet and cell phones are banned for use by the ordinary masses and radio and television is state controlled. The ruling elite however, have access to all these banned communication devices!


Daisy said...

that's pretty sad. every system has its cons though.

anyway, found your blog from neoauteur's! just passed by. :)

sriman said...

Oh mine! Just wondering any ban on citizens in their marital lives ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

NeoAuteur said...

I would love to be able to kidnap some famous people and have them do some chores for me.

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