Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Zimbabwe on its death throes

Unnerves one to go through these horrendous facts on Zimbabwe. Not a single point in it is positive. Most galling to read is that bit on Mugabe's mansions!

1. Located 16 km north of Harare, Mugabe’s 25 en suite bedroom mansion is the size of a medium-sized hotel.

2. Building the mansion has cost in excess of US$ 26 million in a country where most people earn less than the equivalent of eleven dollars a month.

3. More than 2 000 bags of cement meant for the victims of Operation Murambatsvina were diverted to ongoing building operations at the Mugabe mansion.

4. This is the third luxury residence that Mugabe has built and the fifth he has owned since he came to power.

5. In 2003, Mugabe and his wife Grace also took over the magnificent Iron Mask farm in the Mazowe area from elderly white commercial farmers. The owners were given 48 hours to leave the property after a visit by Grace Mugabe, accompanied by police, soldiers and youth militia.

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