Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sub-Standard Chinese goods

And this time its car tires which have less rubber in their innards and hence more prone to getting heated up and bursting at high speeds. ’Made in China’ is now becoming a euphemism for ’Watch Out- Use at your own Risk’.

Watch the Chinese Brilliance BS6 sedan (made in China under the name of Zhonghua)failing the European car crash test,using Euro NCAP guidelines,at just 40m/h(64Km/h) and is aptly named bullshit by the uploader of this video.Predictably, that crappy car failed the test and got just one star rating for its dismal safety standards.


Anonymous said...

True, its far from safe now. Remember, Japanese goods had the same reputation 50 years ago...but they have taken on the world. Wont be far off, when Chinese will also compete on quality.

Eternalsoul said...

Hi Anonymous
There is one big difference between Japan and China which is not to be overlooked. Japan has free enterprise and does not follow communism.


Anonymous said...

Well, you have a point that i overlooked. Maybe there will be a process of free evolution from communism to democracy ...wishful thinking that is.