Thursday, June 21, 2007

Great Firewall of China

The internet has become a repository of knowledge and information which I think every person has a right to access. Nobody has a right to put any limits on this process.

However, many countries with oppressive regimes or totalitarian governments are trying to shape their cyber culture by controlling the internet through filters that they feel is needed to stem and gag news and opinions which they fear can shape political expression which is not in their interest.

The best known among those countries exercising online censorship is China who is trying to shape public opinion based on communist and socialist ideas.

In Russia, the FSB(formerly known as KGB) has a software in place that requires all ISPs to route their incoming and outgoing data via FSB computers. Even Australia, to some extent, has regulated its internet content.It is estimated that almost 40 countries use censorship and the practice is spreading.

Reporters Without Borders published an interactive map showing the “black holes” of communication – countries which have in one way or another censored the ’net.

And here is the shocker for me. My humble domain is blocked in China.I tested it on and saw the result.I reckon China has no use for my candid thoughts and insights. You can check any site on it and see if its blocked.


Omni said...

Can be voted as one of the new seven wonders of the world - maybe that will give them anti publicity & afterall you will have soulfullfood uncensored in China..Bloggers of the world unite

Eternalsoul said...

Certainly. Chinese footprint on the world is getting a bit out of hand.