Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bilderberg- The Elite Secret Club

Ritz Carlton,IstanbulBilderberg Club,formed in 1954,is an international decision making Club named after Hotel de Bilderberg in the Netherlands.So, what is so important about this Group?
Some say it shapes world politics because the movers and shakers of the world are its members. It has as its members (all members are from developed countries)former US president Bill Clinton, soon-to-be ex PM Tony Blair,Paul Wolfowitz,NATO Secretary-General and countless others which includes even royalty. Bankers, ship-owners, industrialists and higher civil servants also are part of it.Every year, the list also includes important "media people" from influential outlets such as The Financial Times, Washington Post, The Economist, The Times,and other top newspaper groups which mould public opinion through their editorials and news articles. The picture becomes complete with CEOs from the world's biggest companies such as Coca-Cola, Fiat, Suez-Tractebel, Royal Dutch Shell,Nokia and British Petroleum. They collect information and transmit it to the centres. The Bilderberg Group is an "unofficial annual invitation-only conference of around 130 guests" (Wikipedia). The Club today controls 33% of the world's wealth.
The Committee meets secretly (so secret that no cell phones are allowed during their stay and meeting, no getting out of the hotel,no notes and no interviews) and discusses world affairs of importance to it and its decision is sealed in a special envelope which is then given to the Bilderberg Club Presidents. The presidencies approve the decision almost 99% of the time.
This year this club held its annual meeting in Istanbul,Turkey and stayed at the Ritz Carlton hotel. Their meeting concluded on the 3rd and was held for 3 days as is their usual practice. It is a widely held opinion that the main topic of Bilderberg 2007 was Iran and the inclusion or otherwise of Turkey into the European Union.
Wonder what turn-key decisions were made there and which is to be implemented by their respective regimes!

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