Saturday, June 16, 2007

A newfangled GPS

A gadget that doubles as a Bluetooth GPS receiver and a navigator and a route recorder.That is one cool all in all.It is also integrated with Google Earth for the route recording.You can also tag where your travel photos were snapped along the way.


Ozymandias said...

very cool !!

Nicole said...

I looks like a great little gadget. I never know where to start looking at these kinds of things. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

heya!! i just wanna tell u one thing abt ur blog: its awesome!!!! i now see it regularly after i opened ur blog for the first time.. it definitely captures attention.. rock on!!
- ur faithful reader

Omni said...

This one is fantastic! wonder how much it costs?

Eternalsoul said...

Thank you for visiting the site. I love feedbacks.

The launch date in the U.S is 22nd of this month and it costs USD 119.