Friday, August 31, 2007

Beckham Bends

David Beckham, football superstar, has a sprained right knee and looks all set to miss the rest of the season of L.A.Galaxy who will be then looking at another extended spell without him.Beckham, whose five-year contract guarantees him an annual salary of $6.5million came here with an already injured left ankle.He must be hoping to make soccer a major American sport but that dream may just elude him due to his repeated injuries and lacklustre performance.

Meanwhile,Beckham and his wife,Victoria 'Posh Spice'can glide around town Hollywood together,ripping up the entertainment world. She will be appearing on TV this fall, playing herself on an episode of the ABC comedy 'Ugly Betty'.


NeoAuteur said...

It does not really matter if he actually plays or not. They are just using his name to get more exposure.

Eternalsoul said...

You are right.

Anonymous said...

His name is only used for commercials and has no impact on the game. Infact he was sitting on the bench in Italy. Waiting to be sold off- ash