Saturday, August 4, 2007

Latest Indian Land Scam

A fleet of 50 luxury cars with VIP number plates,10 fancy bikes-also with fancy number plates, seven Kilograms of gold, 5500 plots (yes, you read right- 5500 sites)illegally acquired and sold at exorbitant prices and 1.7 million in cash at his residence. Who is the lucky owner of this cache of wealth? Its one Ashok Malhotra, a non-entity as far as ordinary Indians are concerned and now absconding from the law after a probe has been made into a massive land scam. Astounding as it may sound,he was running only a small tea stall in the Delhi Assembly but with the help of the Delhi Development Authority corrupt officials managed to get all those sites, which were meant to be distributed among displaced slum dwellers,allotted to himself under fictitious names and sell it later at astronomical sums.Some guy,this!

He is rumored to have a lot of political connections (goes without saying that anyone in India having that much of ill-gotten wealth has to have immense political, administrative and judicial clout)including the Chief Minister of Delhi. No surprise here!

Do your math. If an ordinary man selling small eats and tea can have so many billions,then the riches of the Indian politicians-who are known for their corrupt practices- must be of stratospheric proportions.

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