Monday, August 6, 2007

Novel Publishing Strategy

Ah!The question that was haunting me has finally been solved. I have read quite a few books co-authored by Robert Ludlum-who has been gone for a long time now- and Ian Fleming (also dead since long) and some living authors like James Patterson. I have always been keen on knowing the pattern of the business model behind this kind of publishing where one author is almost a brand name but the other one is an obsure author. The fine print in the books always mention that the 'estate' of the author (in cases where the main writer is no more) handled the publishing with the living co-author.

According to the New York Times,it is the posthumous publishing franchise model.Kind of like an author-double. But if the books are good (from my readings they undoubtedly are)its a nice way of keeping the reader base happy with the author and the co-authors on an eternally profitable publishing mode.

Twelve Ludlum books have been released since his death, with a 13th due out in September. The business is deployed now as a kind of film studio, presenting books completed by others or new ones written using his name.

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