Thursday, August 9, 2007

Virgin America takes to the skies

Virgin Air has finally come to the US and is Virgin America here. It launched its inaugural flight yesterday from New York City's JFK airport and Los Angeles to San Francisco.The cool thing about this is its value add-ons that distinguishes itself from the competion of the saturated but drab domestic airline market.

Apart from full USB and electrical power connections at every seat, both in first class and economy,the airline will activate ethernet ports at every seat so one can surf the Web at 35,000 feet. Then there is the satellite TV from Dish network,besides streaming live TV,streaming satellite radio, audio books, an MP3 library with 3,000 tracks and 25 pay-per-view movies.

And lastly,as an aside, you can send a text message to a co-passenger. As Chairman and ladies' man,Richard Branson,puts it"you can introduce yourself to a pretty lady sitting nearby with this texting". Aha, this will surely be a crowd-puller if not anything else!

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Anonymous said...

U R KIDDING ME!?!? God, that's grt news!!! Thks so much for sharing this info with your avid readers, one of them being me! Im definitely going to be flying on virgin america soon! Be sure to get a detailed report about my stay in San Francisco!! Thks a ton again! Sionara..