Monday, August 27, 2007

World's first automated restaurant

In Nuremberg, Germany, the world's first automated restaurant has opened earlier this month. There are no waiters attending to the tables in Bistro's Baggers. Customers order their meals using a touch-screen system that is placed at each table, and the entire restaurant is networked via a computer system. Each table has been connected by metal rails to the kitchen and dishes glide along the rails to customers, propelled by gravity.

Automation may have its advantages and benefits of economies of cost. That said, one may miss the human element in such clinical restaurant dining.


NeoAuteur said...

The Germans don't really care much about customer service. This fits them perfectly.

sriman said...

Ordering on touch screen is perfect which has been in my mind for long time. Service atleast should be by humans or least by robots at a later date. Service by gravity - somehow doesnt fit in the mind nicely

Eternalsoul said...

Too mechanical, would you say?