Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hollywood comes knocking at Bollywood's doors

Hollywood is testing the waters of Indian Bollywood industry. Sony Pictures have now entered into the chaotic fray of Indian cinema to churn out made in India potboilers. To be a success, Indian films have to run the gamut of emotions. These will have to have the typical potpourri of song and dances, fight scenes, good vs bad guys,tear-jerker dramas, atleast one 'item' song and dance (where the heroine or some other female actor dances lewdly to the tune of raunchy music with guys salivating over her suggestive movements)and lastly a climactic scene where the good wins over the bad and the goons are all routed out or the cops come and arrest the criminals with a flourish. Ofcourse, the trend is a-changing these days with some slick crime thrillers or movies depicting the corrupt political establishment with some surprise endings. But a majority of bollywood movies are of the spicy mix genres with a little bit of everything thrown in to please the varied crowds.

According to IHT,Walt Disney also has partnered with an Indian studio, Yash Raj Films, to make animated movies for Indians.And Warner Brothers is developing two Bollywood projects, including one song-and-dance smorgasbord. The studio plans three to six movies a year in the coming years, all with Indian talent.

"We're not coming to change anything," Fox said.That is Hollywood's Indian mantra.

It remains to be seen how well the Indian audience will lap up movies made by Hollywood productions who have wisely decided to just join in and flow with the tide and not upset the bollywood applecart with their hollywood formulas.


Anonymous said...

This sure would help Hollywood to contribute to the US of A's economy as India and its strong film loving masses spend willingly on anything that is called a film

NeoAuteur said...

Who came up with the word "Bollywood" anyway?

Eternalsoul said...

Bollywood is a mix of the names of Hollywood and Bombay(which is the hotbed of Hindi films). It shows up in the Oxford dictionary! :))