Monday, August 27, 2007

Priceless Egyptian Whale Fossil destroyed

A fossilised whale lying for millions of years in the Egyptian desert has been destroyed by negligent diplomats of an unknown European country driving SUVs.The damage is estimated at more than 10 million dollars!

Insensitive vandals.

Two cars drove into the protected area on Friday and then refused to stop when asked to do so by wardens who nevertheless got the vehicles' registration numbers which the source said were from "a European country."

The site, known as Wadi Hitan (Whale Valley), was home to whales around 40 million years ago when the area was ocean. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to hundreds of whale fossils.

According to UNESCO, Wadi Al-Hitan is the most important site in the world to demonstrate one of the iconic changes that make up the record of life on Earth: the evolution of the whales. It portrays vividly their form and mode of life during their transition from land animals to a marine existence.

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