Monday, September 17, 2007

Blackwater,USA given the boot in Iraq!

The Interior Ministry of Iraq has revoked the license of Blackwater USA,the American security firm as its contractors have been blamed for a Sunday gunbattle in Baghdad that left eight civilians dead and intends to start criminal proceedings against the Company's staff. The killings reportedly occurred after a U.S. State Department convoy Blackwater was protecting came under attack in downtown Baghdad.

Established in 1997 and based in Moyock, North Carolina, Blackwater is one of many security firms contracted by the U.S. government for its Iraq war for guarding diplomats, reconstruction workers and government officials.

I checked to see their website for their side of the version but the site seems to be in major downtime and all it says is service unavailable!
The video posted below shows how this war profiteering has grown into what it is today.

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NeoAuteur said...

Collateral damages are unavoidable in war.