Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bush Bazaar!

Afghans have been in a constant state of flux because of armed aggressions against them and Taliban atrocities. And for the common man on the street, life has to be bent and suited to such changes.

Some Afghans in Kabul have realised the potential of commerce in American goods and put it to good use. They have set up stalls selling American made foodstuffs (including alcohol and pork-sausage laden meats!)and other items in a bazaar in a fenced plot of land near Kabul's presidential palace and aptly call it the "Bush Bazaar."

Named after the U.S. president, the market is where Afghans can buy cheaply priced supplies that apparently have been gleaned from foreign military bases.

Afghan law forbids Muslims from buying alcohol. But cases of beer -- somehow, apparently, taken out of foreign military bases or shops for foreigners -- also can be found at the Bush Bazaar.

Source: RFE/RL


NeoAuteur said...

Bush Bazaar! I like it.

Eternalsoul said...

Bush is becoming a brand name!