Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Saudi Women DemandRequest Right to Drive

Its common knowledge that the female of the species is accorded a low position in Islamic society. They are treated as mindless creatures and its only in recent times that women are showing even a smattering of rebellion.

In Saudi Arabia, on the occasion of the second anniversary of the accession of King Abdallah Bin Abd Al-Aziz (arrogantly titled the Keeper of the Two Holy Sites),the League of Demanders of Women’s Right to Drive Cars in Saudi Arabia, are delivering a message to King Abdallah,demanding that he return that which has been stolen from women: the right to [free]movement through the use of cars,[which are]the means of transportation today.

I wonder which of the two is more pitiable! The ban on women driving in Saudi or the meek deliverance of a request to drive! A sorry state of affairs indeed.


NeoAuteur said...

At least they try. That's a good first step.

Eternalsoul said...

I wish they had rebelled decades back. However, better late than never.

sriman said...

which world democratic or communist leader has condemned the ban. None I guess! Each one is worried about his / her own hot seat

Eternalsoul said...

Hi Sriman
That is true, ofcourse. Women's issues are usually not given due importance in any society. We should not let that bog us down,though.