Monday, September 24, 2007

Caves found on Mars

Very dark and almost circular-shaped caves have been spotted by NASA satellites on the surface of planet Mars that appear to be openings to underground spaces.Entrances to seven caverns,nicknamed the "Seven Sisters" by researchers,have been found on the slopes of a high Martian volcano called Arsia Mons.

They may be at least 100m deep and the only natural structures capable of protecting life from meteor strikes, radiation and solar flares that bombard the Red planet's surface.According to researchers,caves in this area could have been created by volcanic stresses and faults opening underground spaces, with portions of the weakened roofs ultimately falling in.

A whole new perspective is opening up in the continued exploration of the martian land mass,with the discovery of flowing-water like ridges (which turned out to be landslide rideges) earlier on and now this.

Source:The Register
Image source:NASA


NeoAuteur said...

Cool caves! I wonder if there are alien life forms living in them.

Eternalsoul said...

It would be great to see Martians come out of those caves!