Sunday, September 16, 2007

Secret Israeli nuclear compound

The Israelis are intolerant of Iran's growing nuclear capabilities. But if what this video shows is true, then Israel is the one that its neighbours have to be worried about. It details a huge nuclear compound with multiple facilities for building atomic and thermo-nuclear bombs. According to the video, Israel has been producing around 10 atom bombs a year from a long time now.

Mordechai Vanunu, who is mentioned in the video as the one providing the information, is an Israeli former nuclear technician who was convicted of treason as he revealed details of Israel's nuclear weapons programme to the British press in 1986.He spent 18 years in prison and was released in 2004 and since then he has been briefly arrested several times for multiple violations of restrictions placed by the Israeli Government,including giving various interviews to foreign journalists and attempting to leave Israel. In July 2007, Vanunu was sentenced to a further six months imprisonment for speaking to foreigners and travelling to Bethlehem.

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sriman said...

Isralis i knew were very intelligent and hard working. No doubt they have this. Wat a wonderful way to hide it from the inspectors. How many more countries must be developing such without anyones knowledged. gud post.
God save earth