Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Defiling of the holy book , or not

These guys are real phonies. They kick up a huge load of protests and violent acts when the Quran was, supposedly, desecrated in Guantanamo but when it comes to their own dirty acts, they undergo temporary amnesia about the desecration bit and use the holy book for their unlawful ends. According to TheNews, drugs were stashed in cut-out pages of the Quran and smuggled! Way to go,hypocrites!

Meanwhile, in Palestine, Hamas and Fatah are continuing the blame game about desecration of Islam and positioning themselves as defenders of the faith! Below is Hamas' accusation of Fatah in animation!

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Anonymous said...

Using slected versus that can be interpreted to their advantage these fanatics create chaos wherever they go. It is time the world understand how backward this race is and either take effort to educate them to bring them to civilisation levels or eradicate the entire similar minded fanatics from the face of this earth.-ash