Sunday, September 30, 2007

Brushing off uncomfortable questions - Bush style

There are now almost 200,000 private contractors deployed in Iraq by the Washington administration. The US military forces in Iraq are now outsized by a coalition of billing private corporations whose actions and crimes go largely unmonitored and unpunished.
When questioned about how his government is proposing to bring private military contractors under a system of law, President Bush laughs it off and acts dumb!


sriman said...

Hi eternalsoul,
He is just horrible. A valid question being brushed off like that. Mr President's body movements and language appears as though he is under huge alcoholic effect. A comment like that coming from the biggest leader of the sole superpower, where human rights are supposed to be best practised, is a shame.

Anonymous said...

haha ..he is so cute when he acts dumb ......GRRRRRRRRRR


NeoAuteur said...

I don't know if he's capable of acting dumb.

Eternalsoul said...

Haha. Very true.