Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Fake Steve Jobs!

FakeSteveJobsHe calls himself the fake Steve Jobs (Co-founder & CEO of Apple Inc) and has a blog ranting at Apple and Apple products.
Uses words like Much love,Namaste and Peace be unto you. Very secular and peaceloving guy!

As the blog has gained readership, and influence--Fake Steve Jobs was named the 41st most influential person in business by Business 2.0 magazine--the buzz around his true identity has grown and grown. Some would say that it doesn't matter, and that in fact the blog is better if we don't really know. But media being what it is, names of candidates for the blog's authorship are constantly bandied about. Is it Nick Denton of Valleywag? Is it Steve Jobs himself?

See Cnet News interview with FSJ

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mmmmm...interesting news ..i must say