Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ouch! Sheikh booted out!

Arab Sheikhs being hubris- filled is nothing new. But I guess the Qatar(pronounced gutter- quite appropriately in this case)Sheikh in question here takes the cake.So,what does the guy do? When the ladies travelling with him are sitting next to unknown men in a British Airways flight, he takes objection and stalls the plane for a couple of hours! The pilot had to intervene but when the Sheikh does not see reason, his entourage is thrown out.
Thumbs up to the pilot who didnt balk at offloading these nutcases and to the other passengers who didnt give up their seats when requested to do so. Maybe the pilot should have taken off and then halfway in the skies,at 35000 ft, “disimbarked” the Sheik and his group.He!he!


Anonymous said...

those sick guys deserve this ..... would luv to shake this sheikh;s booty (back side) ....


Anonymous said...

the 50 guys who missed their connecting flights because of this episode should sue the sheikh too....
even better these eccentricities should be charged with severe penalties!

Eternalsoul said...

Good one.That trash deserves it.

You are right.They should make him pay for wasting people's time. Sigh! but will they??!