Monday, July 2, 2007

Unique Anti Corruption Drive

Corruption is a bane in India. Almost no government and administrative work of yours can be done without bribing the corrupt officials in that department. Even entry level workers in almost all government enterprises rake in the moolah by being corrupt.According to the World Bank report on the corruption level in 200 countries,India was ranked at the 47th place in the list of most corrupt countries.
The temptation to abuse public power for private gain is mainly because of the selfish interests of these corrupt public servants.So ubiquitous is the malignant spread of this disease of corruption that it is almost socially accepted in Indian society.
In such a low morale environment, it is encouraging to see someone fight against it by blogging against the corrupt system.Jayshree, whose husband,Vijayakumar,a Government employee,is fighting high level corruption from within the system. Since he has made powerful enemies by trying to expose the corruption, she is aiming to protect her husband by building an internet shield of people around him. Hence, the blog that she started.Read about their struggle here.