Thursday, July 19, 2007

Get Paid to Blog with Smorty

This is a unique concept and one which is wonderfully lucrative to do something which you anyway like doing. If you like blogging, like yours truly, then Smorty is a smart answer, which pays you for blogging!
Sounds fantastic, doesnt it? I have decided to give it a try and after
reading about it, I think its a win-win situation all the way for both advertisers and bloggers.

So what exactly is Smorty and how does it work? Smorty is a seamless service
connecting advertisers with bloggers. Potential advertisers create campaigns based on their products for you to write endorsements and advertise about it on your blog with links back to their sites. In turn, Smorty notifies bloggers of the opportunities and they can write suitable opinion posts about the said products and services in their blogs reaching out to a niche audience. You get paid to blog by Smorty, after your article is approved, through Paypal on a weekly basis.

To get into Smorty's roll of bloggers, your blog has to meet certain prerequisite conditions and has to be atleast 3 months old and indexed by Search Engines like Google and Yahoo.

The upsides of a service like Smorty are :

  • Its easy User Interface. The concept is easy to understand and doable.
    Signing up is also easy.

  • Approval of your blog by Smorty does not take a long time.They get back to you pretty fast.

  • You have a choice of subjects and you can take 3 days to opine about it after acceptance.

  • The payment can go up in due course depending on your rating and quality of posts.

  • Lastly, you get to see your reward on a weekly basis which is a huge motivating factor.


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