Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lavish Hotel Suites

Hotels keep devising ever new ways of snagging a slice of the wealth of the richie richs.They have come up with even more ingenious ways of making their supersuites worthy of shelling out $40000 a night!

The Palms Casino Resort in Los Angeles has been featured as one of the most expensive hotel suites by the magazine,Elite Traveler.Palms offers four single-story Sky villas for $25000,a pair of two-story Sky Villas for $35000 and the playboy-themed Hugh Hefner Suite for $40000. They come featured with a private indoor lap pool,indoor waterfalls,private poker rooms,outdoor cantilevered jacuzzis,personal chef and use of a Maserati Quattroporte!


Anonymous said...

wow ...just booked one of these Hefner Suite .....i always wanted a personal chef ..hahahaha


Eternalsoul said...

Good. That's a debit of 40K plus taxes. Njoy!:))