Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Unusual Weather Patterns Worldwide

What is wrong with the weather everywhere?
Storms and floods in Britain, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. Forest fires in Greece due to extreme heat...
Here in the United States,Summer has never quite managed to settle in for more than a few days leaving in its wake intermittent overcast conditions and storms fit for autumn. Torrential rainfall was seen across the southern states of continental US. Around 211 tornadoes have been have been seen in the past 8 days.Reportedly, even Alaska which is warming more quickly than any other place on the planet right now,is experiencing forest fires.This year is on track to be the world's second warmest on record since records began in the 1860s.The warmest was 1998.
Are these wake-up calls for us ? The earth can take the greed of a population only upto a point.It wont be a surprise if we might actually see the effects of global climatic changes in our lifetimes rather than way off in the distant future.


Anonymous said...

Has there been any studies to link effects of Global warming with human behaviour? increase in electromagnetic radiations maybe....r something else...effecting the thinking process....& causing irrational behaviour & actions...


Eternalsoul said...

Hi Bob
I have no clue about this aspect of global warming. The white paper hyperlinked here maybe useful to you. Have a look. And btw, welcome to my site.