Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Old Bin in New Old Video Footage

Something sinister is going on.The bounty on Osama has been doubled to $50 mil all of a sudden and while world headlines scream that yet another Osama tape has been released calling for more Jihad, the guys who read between the lines and carefully examine the old videos have unearthed enough evidence that the tape is an old one (of 2002)rehashed as new! Even the sloping mountain in the left background and the falling leaves on the right are the same! Osama seems to have the same fatigues and cap! Ofcourse, we can contend that he has no recourse to laundry facilities in the caves! Five years down the lane and living in such harsh conditions doesnt seem to have taken a toll on his looks too!
So What gives?! And why is the media and terror pundits fooling the people with such reruns?


Omni said...

So who will pocket the US $ 50MN? No takers? Maybe they are waiting to get it doubled again

Eternalsoul said...

Am sure they increased it knowing very well he's dead and no one is gonna get it!