Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hybrid Trains

And now, a Hybrid Train!Enormous energy can be saved by behemoth commuter trains by operating in this fashion.
Japan has created the world's first environmentally friendly diesel-electric hybrid train,for commercial use,that gets recharged by energy created from braking at curves and when entering stations.While a brake is applied, the motor is used as a generator, which recharges the storage battery. The train will be put into service by a Japanese railway company next month.

The new technology helps reduce emissions of NOx and particulate matter by up to 60%, compared to conventional trains.
It cuts fuel consumption by up to 20%, and as idling can be automatically stopped, there is less noise.

Hybrid trains known as Green Goats are already in use as locomotives in yard switching operations in the US by Union Pacific Company.


Anonymous said...

is there any info on how much it would have costed to build this?

Eternalsoul said...

Hmm..maybe you would like to buy one eh?!

Marcia Jane Chinelato said...

Hi .....we already use this kind of buses here in são Paulo. I will try to find you a website about it. They began to work some months ago.